Come and Volunteer with us

Thank you for your interest in wanting to volunteer with us. Volunteers like you play a very significant role in the activities that DIESK carries out. All volunteer applications are reviewed with consideration of current opportunities. Applications are preserved for three months.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions on Volunteering with DIESK
  1. Can I volunteer with DIESK

Yes, by participating in DIESK events and activities.

  1. What kind of volunteer work is available

Our volunteers can engage in all our activities, including advocating for rights of the disabled persons, facilitating HIV/ AIDS awareness campaigns, economic empowerment activities, institutional capacity development and may more.

  1. Do I need to be from Kenya to participate?

No. We accept volunteers from all over the world. Volunteer from outside Kenya need to be eligible for Visa to be in Kenya. Kindly check with your local embassy.

  1. What is the eligible age for volunteers

You must be 18 years and above unless accompanied by an adult. Volunteers should be in good health.

  1. Is there any time of the year that I can’t volunteer

Our volunteer programs are all year round

  1. When will I know the specific details of placement

This happens during orientation. Our program coordinators provide the necessary guidance

  1. Where will I be located

In the program areas within the rural and peri-urban areas of Kenya

  1. How can I arrive at DIESK

Our head office is located in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. You will be picked from the airport

  1. When do I need to arrive at DIESK

Anytime of the day. Once you fly in arrangements will be made for you to settle in

  1. What about accommodation

Get in touch with the program coordinator

  1. Is there provisions for special diets

It is possible as long as you inform the program coordinator before your arrival

  1. Are there holidays or festivals I should  be aware of

There are many holidays in Kenya; however, these will not hinder your volunteer work

  1. What immunization or vaccines do I need in advance

Kind confirm with your physician but majorly we recommend immunization against hepatitis, typhoid, yellow fever, rabies, meningitis and cholera

  1. What is your criterion for volunteer selection

This is based on the information provided by the volunteer, the volunteer’s skills and experience and the available programs at hand

  1. Do I need to speak English to volunteer

You must be able to communicate in English

  1. Can I bring my own family to Kenya

It is possible for couples to volunteer together. It is also possible to bring your children along. However, because of the environment you may work in, we do not advise you come with young children.